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Gay & Lesbian (16-19) Teens

A safe and supportive place to meet new friends.

International Teens

Never say never.

Midwest Teens



The coolest, most tubular, grooviest room on WBS!

Sixty Plus

The friendliest community on the world wide web

Teen (13-15)

A great place ... the best on the Net!

Teen (13-15) Couples

Find your first love - at least in cyberspace.

Teen (13-15) Hot Tub

Hop in!! The water's great!!!!

Teen (13-15) Playground

Come in and play with all the friendly people!

Teen (13-15) Terrace

A great place, the best on the Net!

Teen (16-19)

THE meeting place for 16-19 teens!

Teen (16-19) Cafe

The best place to meet people on the net!

Teen (16-19) Couples

Social Older Teens.

Teen (16-19) Hot Tub

Different, fun loving people with common interests!

Teen (16-19) Terrace

Step onto the terrace and enjoy.

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