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Bar & Grill

Where the conversation and the drinks are free flowing.

Cyber City Cafe

You're only a stranger here ONCE!!

Hallway (Main Meeting Place)

New here? check us out.

Have a Friend

New to WBS? Great people are through this door!

High IQ

Thought-provoking discussion and irreverent fun.

International Coffee House

You can smell the coffee brewing!

Lounge A

General Socializing.

Lounge B

General Socializing.

Lounge C

Lounge C is the best place anywhere on the WWW!

Lounge D

General Social.

Lounge E

General Social.

Lounge F

General Social.

Lounge G

The best "Community" on the Net!

Lounge H

General Social.

Lounge I

General Social.

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