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All things anime (Sailor Moon fans welcome here, too!).

Battle Dome

This is the future of BattleTechRPG.

DOOM freaks

The Home of Doom Players From Around the World.

Dragondale City

For serious Role Players-Now you're playing with fire.


Potential dragonslayers strongly cautioned.


In a small village drifting through the flotsam and jetsam of the universe.

Nia's Tavern

Where anything can and often does happen. It just did!


The fabulous world of NinRPG.

The Dark Citadel

A haven for villains, demons, and darklings.

The Nexus

Welcome to the battle-bar.

The Realm of Elahrair

A wonderful place filled with friendship and Role Play!

The Silvermoon Forest

Medieval sword and sorcery genre role play.

Valley of the Lunar Rainbow

A magical place for Role Playing.

WolfSamurai Castle

Enter Shadowland and meet your fellow runners.

World of Darkness

Role Play for the White Wolf/World of Darkness system.

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