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Star Trek: Nexus Bar

Devoted to helping young cadets join Starfleet.

Stock Car Racing

Friendly people!

Student Life

High School Students Unite and Join Together.

Support for Large People

For anyone who is 'BIG' at heart.


THE best room to find the best people...

Talamasca Motherhouse

Lover's of Anne Rice's darker designs.

Talk Back

Talk about what's going on in the world.

Teacher's Lounge

Safe haven for teachers to discuss issues or have fun!

Teen (13-15)

A great place ... the best on the Net!

Teen (13-15) Couples

Find your first love - at least in cyberspace.

Teen (13-15) Hot Tub

Hop in!! The water's great!!!!

Teen (13-15) Playground

Come in and play with all the friendly people!

Teen (13-15) Terrace

A great place, the best on the Net!

Teen (16-19)

THE meeting place for 16-19 teens!

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