Chat Rooms

Welcome Guest

Gothic Cathedral

A place for goths of the world to meet.

Grateful DeadHeads

Come for the subject, stay for the lovin'


If it's all Greek to you...

Guy Chat

Alternative lifestyles.

Guy Chat Terrace

Alternative lifestyles.

Habla EspaƱol?

Speak Spanish in Here.

Hallway (Main Meeting Place)

New here? check us out.

Have a Friend

New to WBS? Great people are through this door!

Health & Medicine

A nice bunch of people with medical interests.

High IQ

Thought-provoking discussion and irreverent fun.

Highlander Fans

The most happen'ist bar in all of Seacouver!!

Hot Stocks

Investing in the Stock Market from novice to expert.

Hot Tub

A place for clean flirting & romance.


East Indian Community Room.

Industrial Underground

A subterranean music place.

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