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By using the services ("Service") facilitated by the web site CLASSIC-WBS.NET and its affiliates ("WBS") the user or your legal guardian ("you") agree to these following terms.


Purpose. The Service is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Risk. You are using the Service at your own risk. You understand that the Service is an unmoderated public forum which may contain materials you find offensive. Tools are provided by WBS for registered members to mitigate the content displayed to them.

Indemnity. You grant WBS indemnity for any losses or damages, direct or implied, you experience as a result of using the Service.


Content. Each user is liable for any and all content he or she posts to WBS.

Illegal Materials. Posting or distribution of illegal materials is forbidden, including but not limited to child pornography, pirated digital goods or hyperlinks to such aforementioned materials.

Illegal Behavior. Engaging in illegal behavior is forbidden, including but not limited to stalking, defamation, threats or encouraging others to do so.

Solicitation. Soliciting users outside of the permitted advertising parameters or any other commercial use of the Service not otherwise permitted by WBS is forbidden.

Pornography. Pornographic imagery, audio or language is not permitted in public areas.


Private Messages. Private chat messages and member to member messages are not secure and not guaranteed private.

Sessions. Cookies (small lines of text data) are recorded on your computer via your browser by the Service to facilitate registered member functions. No private information is stored in these cookies.

Information. Information you provide WBS is not sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties.


Copyright. WBS is permitted to copy and reproduce content posted by users to WBS in materials of and related to WBS.

Trademarks. "WBS Classic" is a trademark of Burning Moth Creations Inc.


Jurisdiction. WBS is governed by the laws of Washington State and the United States of America.

Modification. WBS may modify these terms without notice.

Nullification. Voiding any clause in this agreement will not nullify the remaining clauses.

Last modified 7/16/2009